Summerhayes Takes Silver

Summerhayes Takes Silver

Sunday afternoon marked the welcome return to the podium for Britain’s own Katie Summerhayes, posting her best World Cup result for nearly four years at Stubai Zoopark. 

The Slopestyle at Stubai Gletscher, Austria was a hotly contested affair even in morning conditions that were far from optimal. After the clouds cleared, (almost) in time for the final the slopestyle got underway. The men complained that some features were a little small, but from the ladies the feedback was spot on, a common problem with many slopestyle events!

Katie Summerhayes Stubai Slopestyle




22 year old Summerhayes having long been considered one of the top competitors in the freestyle world, justified her reputation with the best score, 77.0, on the second run! Sweden’s Jennie-Lee Burmansson pipped her to the victory laying down a stonking first run score of 80.0, with 3rd spot occupied by  USA’s Caroline Claire 75.2.

Stubai Slopestyle Women’s Results











With the Winter Olympics mere months away the timings could not have been more perfect to begin Summerhayes’ attack on the medals at Pyeongchang 2018! 




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