Students Brawl With German’s On Austrian Ski Lift

Students Brawl With German's On Austrian Ski Lift

Thursday morning in the ski resort of Obertauren, Austria a wild brawl broke out between British Sixth Form students and a German father and son.

The fights broke out after a verbal exchange quickly escalated to a physical dispute believed to consist of seven British students (15-16) and two Germans, a father (51) and son (16).

Local police reported a wild scramble using fists and ski poles erupted in the lift station of the Grünwaldkopfbahn, leading to three participants being injured, the worst of these being the 16 year old German student whom suffered a broken arm.

Police have stated it was the German boy who started the verbal conflict over who was first in the lift queue, which then continued when both groups boarded the 10 person Gondola. During the ascent tempers continued to flare, results in a physical brawl upon exiting the lift.

A ski instructor and a companion of the students finally broke up the conflict.

Police have interrogated all those involved.

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