Ski Resorts in Norway still open

Ski Resorts in Norway still open

Despite how late in the season it is for dedicated skiers Norway is still getting regular snowfall with some having had 20cm in the last 24hrs.  So as a result the ski season is still going strong in this part of the world.

In truth though apart for a handfull of resorts most finish in the next week to 10 days, while a few until the first week of May.  Overall on 9 April 39 Norwegian resorts are open, but of those have their last day of the seon tomorrow Sunday 10 April.

Of the well know ski resorts Geilo, Kvitjell, Oppdal and and Trysil stay open until 24 April.  The ski resorts open until 1 May include Hemsdal and Roldal until 8 May. The final 2 resorts open until 16 May are Narvikfjellet and Tyin-Filefjell.




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