Beginners guide

  For those of us who have skied for years, it is easy to forget that at the beginning it was difficult, Confusing and daunting to undertake our first ski adventure. This is even more magnified if you are planning for his family, with children of various ages. So the Snowresort guides have been created to help you through that first uncomfortable stage of planning and taking your first ski holiday. Most people i’ve taken the plunge soon become completely obsessed with their annual visit to the snow-covered mountains regions of the world.  However, many people lurch into skiing with very little advice and equally little or no knowledge of the subject. Unfortunately, reading most ski and snowboard magazines will give you very little insight into this, as they are driven primarily a regular skiers and snowboarders. So where do you start? Taking it with sports holiday, is about a number of important things. For most people obviously a large part of the holiday is being on the ski slope’s, but at the same time it will involve other elements including eating out, apres-ski, visiting A spa  many other non-skiing activities. If you have a family with small children, it might also be about all those additional snow activities that excite the young, as well as the quality of daycare allowing you ski. So as a beginner, you want to take in the whole experience of the location and particularly being in snow 24/7. So picking a resort that offers a reasonably attractive location and a high chance of snow coverage, it’s probably to most people. In now all but the lowest ski resorts where temperature can be an issue, you will find there are usually extensive snow cannon coverage to ensure that at least the ski slope’s (piste) is open for you to ski. In our as a guides we will help you to create today choose a ski resort appropriate to your circumstances, talk about how to select the right equipment and ski gear/clothing and also which type of accommodation and travel method (Tour operator or independent travel). In this guide the aim is to give you a start point before you read the other guides and start looking at the ski resorts and holiday ideas on Snowresort. What to think about in preparing for a ski holiday Firstly, and perhaps obviously, we suggest that you try to be very methodical in your planning of your holiday. If you fail to do this it can be very expensive and/or time-consuming, should you forget an item or quite difficult if you have a overlook key aspects. Four example many people travel on holiday without travel insurance. Our simple advice is never ski/snowboard without having travel insurance, as it is immensely expensive if you should have an accident and need the best medical treatment available and possibly transfer home.  There is no other advice necessary, as we believe it is a no-brainer, and our other advice regarding what cover is needed with your medical insurance is covered in a separate guide. To avoid forgetting something look at our pre-holiday guide and checklist to ensure a stress free. If it is your first time in the mountains, as you would expect you can expect to be cold. However this is not a cold wet dreary UK winters day, in general it will be a much drier cold. But be aware particularly if it is a sunny blue sky you can be fold into the ceiling for warmer than you actually are, so be careful. Also remember regardless of the weather you will need suncream. It may be overcast when you start skiing but this can quickly change in the mountains and being caught out without any suntan lotion at high altitude can end up spoiling your holiday. First time on skis/snowboardSki lesson The absolute best way to ensure you enjoy your skiing or snowboarding is to start properly and take lessons. Learning to ski can be very frustrating, but when you have a Expert teaching you you will advance far more quickly and soon be moving on to enjoy your skiing away from the nursery slopes and on blue and green runs.. Even in small results without British run ski schools you

Understanding Ski Bindings

  There are a few things to consider when choosing your new bindings and sadly how they look is not top of the list sorry: DIN setting– this is determined by your skiing ability, weight, height and boot sole length. The type of skiing you will be undertaking- alpine, touring, telemark etc The width of your skis- this will determine the brake width required. And finally, yes, ‘How they look’,

A to Z of Ski Terms

A-Z ski glossary of terms A All Mountain skis – that the larger percentage of skis available fall into this category. The skis are designed to perform well in most snow conditions. They are usually used on on – piste skiing. Alpine skiing – this is where you ski down hill mountain slopes and your foot is attached to fixed ski binding. Avalanche beacon – this is a safety device

Know Your Ski Boots

Wow ski boots, pretty complicated to understand. Let us break it down into manageable parts: Whether you’re an occasional skier or a seasonaire, the correctly fitted boot specific to your ability and passion are essential to make the most of your ski trip. More than any other piece of equipment they can ruin the experience, if painful or enhance it when fit spot on, boots are your connection to the