Action Outdoors Launch 64 New Ski Courses for the 2016/17 Winter Season

Action Outdoors are launching 64 brand new ski courses into the program for the 2016-17 winter ski season, extending the total amount available to well over 400 – 422 to be exact. This number of different courses and holidays, ranging from instruction for complete beginners to off-piste guiding and ski touring for experts, is the most comprehensive ski and snowboard holiday program available in the UK. Not only is the

Snowresort relaunches

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Ski Resorts in Norway still open

Despite how late in the season it is for dedicated skiers Norway is still getting regular snowfall with some having had 20cm in the last 24hrs.  So as a result the ski season is still going strong in this part of the world. In truth though apart for a handfull of resorts most finish in the next week to 10 days, while a few until the first week of May. 

Austrian Ski Resorts Open 9 April 2016

Heres a quick update of ski resorts still open for business on the 9th April 2016.  Currently there are 57 Austrian resorts open with most of many of them expecting to stay open for another week. Any of them have no snow left in the valleys, but most have at least 75% of their runs still open and it would seem offering a reasonable quality of snow, at least in

Two Speed Ski World Records Set

Two new World Speed Ski Records broken in Vars in France. The Italian speed skier, Ivan Origone, has managed to break his brother’s world record. While the women’s speed record which stood for 10 years has also been broken. His elder brother, Simone, broke the world record first this weekend as he set a speed of but then Ivan topped that speed actually achieving an amazing speed of 254.958 km

Stubai Glaciers New Lift System

Stubai It was 12 years ago that I first visited Stubai Glacier in the to Tyrol region of Austria. I made a further visit in 2007, at which point there had been little change from my earlier visit. Since then however the ski resort has turned from an alternative location for at weekend ski, out of season location or when snow conditions did not suit at lower level ski resorts